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is the creator of Passing Clouds – Mindfulness Songs for Kids (and their Grown-ups).

Kate trained as an actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she was sponsored by Sir Antony Hopkins. She is a Mindfulness teacher, a singer and songwriter, and mum to three kids (that include two teenagers and one ten year old).

About five years ago Kate began teaching meditation to the kids in her youngest’s prep class, using elements from her drama training – breath, voice, movement and improv. She loved it, and found it a fascinating and effective way to teach aspects of her own practice – something that might seem, perhaps, a bit abstract to a young child.

Kate decided to qualify as a meditation teacher, and, two months into her teacher training, unexpectedly found herself heading into three years of cancer treatment. Deciding that there could be no better time to continue along this path, Kate devoured everything she could find about the brain, stress, and evidence-based research into the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Many of the album’s songs emerged from this period, and served as a wonderful means to share with her kids a way to find calm strength and compassion in the midst of such a big challenge. She would write them, sing them to herself, teach them to her kids, send them into her daughter’s school when she wasn’t able to go in herself, then take her guitar in when she was feeling well enough. They loved them, and Kate, too, found them helpful.

Kate is delighted to be well and free of cancer, and has loved recording this album with her friend Joe Hammond. She could not be more excited about the cover artwork, done by Alice Lindstrom, c/- the Jacky Winter Group.

She is thrilled at the prospect of Passing Clouds finding its way into homes and classrooms and sharing it with you all. She hopes it provides something meaningful, joyous and helpful to kids and their grown-ups, and that it works towards creating a calmer, kinder world –  one breath, one song, one family and one classroom at a time!